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Illinois Rental Property Owners Association

The Mission of IRPOA

IRPOA shall provide a statewide organization to promote the interests of persons, firms, and corporations who develop, own, or manage residential rental housing; to inform members about current issues and interests, including legislative activities; and to conduct such activities as are necessary to carry out the goals of the Association.
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Legislators Want to Take Your Rights!
Act now to defend yourself




Do you have residential real estate investments in Illinois? If you do, you should be worried. The State of Illinois may take control over your ability to operate rental property.


A proposal for Rent Control is working its way through our State Legislature. Rent Control is much more than regulating rent increases. It is a broad proposal that will strip away your property rights and eat away your profits.




  • You may no longer set the rent amount for your property. That decision will be decided by a Rent Control Board, primarily made up of tenants and tenant attorneys.


  • You may no longer raise rent without permission of the Rent Control Board


  • You may no longer use the profit of your business as you see fit. 10% of your profit must be escrowed for a repair fund.


  • You may not refuse to renew a lease unless you pay the tenant’s moving expenses.


  • Who pays for the Rent Control Board? You do. You must pay an annual tax for each unit that you own.




Property rights are a fundamental value. Capitalism has made our country strong. Encouraging economic growth benefits all the citizens of Illinois.

But now these principles are under attack.


When do we say enough? What will it take for you to act? The time for action is now!




  • Contact your State Legislator. Go to


  • Explain that IRPOA represents 1500 property owners in Illinois.


  • Our organization needs to know who will stand with us to protect property rights and oppose rent control, and who is against us.


Don’t wait to act. Organized groups are pushing this assault on your rights. Don’t assume this issue will go away. Each one of us must do our part.


Thank you for your help on this urgent issue.


Paul Arena

IRPOA Director of Legislative Affairs





To find contact information of your State Senator and State Representative CLICK HERE.

When there is a Call to Action . . .

Forward this message to all the investors you know in the State of Illinois and encourage them to contact their legislators.