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Illinois Rental Property Owners Association

The Mission of IRPOA

IRPOA shall provide a statewide organization to promote the interests of persons, firms, and corporations who develop, own, or manage residential rental housing; to inform members about current issues and interests, including legislative activities; and to conduct such activities as are necessary to carry out the goals of the Association.
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Act NOW to Defend Your Investments!
Your voice IS making a difference.


You're Very Close to Stopping These Bills in Committee!

Your efforts have contributed to keeping these bills in committee. Friday, March 29 is the deadline for all bills to move out of committee.
Make your position known! Go the Distance!

The State of Illinois persists in its effort to take away your right to determine the rent for your rental property and hand it to local government bureaucrats.



  • You may no longer set the rent amount for your property. That decision may be decided by bureaucrats.


  • You may no longer raise rent without permission

  • You may be required to pay fees to support the very Boards which have preempted your rights


  • You may no longer use the profit of your business as you see fit


  • You may be subject to differing Rent Control depending on the jurisdiction


 would ignore your 4th Amendment right to be secure in your person, houses, papers, and effects, and unreasonably seize Income and Expense data for your commercial property and deliver it to the county assessor. Submit Witness Slips now to oppose this outrageous overreach. Find links with which to file slips below.


You would be denied important information for your resident screening process if HB2299 were to become law. It requires the sealing and impounding of Eviction court files. Rather than being entitled to a frank discussion with your prospect about the circumstances and causes of their eviction situation, lawmakers think those who have made it all the way through the eviction process to the courtroom deserve more protection than you and the tenants you already have.


HB2206, the Local Government Residential Inspection Limitation Act has been passed out of committee! If enacted, it would provide that except for a fire, medical, or police emergency or as otherwise permitted by specified provisions of the Fire Investigation Act, a unit of local government may not conduct a physical inspection of residential property without the voluntary consent of the owner or occupant of the property, a lawful warrant, or court order. It limits Home Rule powers. Thank you for showing your support for this protection of your resident's Constitutional Rights!

We thank Rep. Sara Feigenholtz for sponsoring HB2168. This PROP TX-RENTAL HOUSING bill incentivizes affordable housing through the tax code. Please show your support for this productive solution to the affordable housing problem by filing Witness Slips as a Proponent here and here.

Representative André Thapedi is helping clarify what landlords can do when presented with a request to accommodate a service animal. Please support HB3671 by submitting Witness Slips as a Proponent here and here. Help diminish abuse of this Americans with Disabilities requirement which is intended only for those with genuine need.

WHAT SHOULD YOU DO? The time for action is NOW!


  • FOR WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27: File Witness Slips OPPOSING Rent Control. File OPPOSING HB0255 here and here; HB2192 here and here; HB3207 here and here.  OPPOSE HB2299, the sealing of Eviction records, here and here. 

  • FOR THURSDAY, MARCH 28: File Witness Slips OPPOSING HB2217, the taking of your Income and Expense Reports, hereherehere and here.

  • If you haven't already done so using the links in the paragraphs above, support HB2168 as a Proponent here and here. Support HB3671 as a Proponent here and here.

  • Witness Slips are easy to complete and take only minutes of your timePlease file all Slips! You must make your opposition loud and strong by filing in each Hearing. Make your voice heard before time runs out! Do this now, please!


  • Contact your State Legislators. Go to to find your elected officials. Let them know you oppose HB0255, HB2192, HB3207 and that rent control hurts everyone, especially those in need of affordable housing!


Don’t wait to act. Organized groups are pushing this assault on your rights. Don’t assume these issues will go away. Each one of us must do our part.


Thank you for your help on these urgent issues.




To find contact information of your State Senator and State Representative CLICK HERE.

When there is a Call to Action . . .

Forward this message to all the investors you know in the State of Illinois and encourage them to contact their legislators.